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DJI Ronin-S with Focus Motor

Full DJI Ronin-S kit with focus motor and accessories.


Atomos 5" Shinobi SDI Monitor

5" monitor with batteries, dual charger, articulating arm, and optional HDMI cable or SDI cable.


Low Budget Lighting Kit

Kit Includes:

2 - 12" Quasar Science Q-Lion Bi-Color Battery Lights

2 - Aputure MC Light

1 - Aputure B7c Light

1 - Aputure MX Light

1 - Neewer Foldable 1x1 LED Lighting Panel Kit with Soft Box

5 - 10" Paper Lanterns

3 - Hanging Lantern Cords

3 - Lamp Dimmers

1 - 15' Orange Extension Cable

3 - Outlet to Socket Light Plugs

3 - Twin Socket Lamp Adapters

2 - GE LED Soft White Dimmable 60W/10W Bulbs

2 - GE LED Daylight Dimmable 60W/10.5W Bulbs

1 - Lee Filters Quick Location Gel Pack (10"x12" Sheets)

Included outside of case:

2 - 7' Light Stands

1 - 2ft Quasar Crossfade LED tube light with a color temp range of 2000-6000K.


32" 5-in-1 Reflector

32" 5-in-1 translucent, silver, gold, white, and black collapsible round reflector.


Lowell Tota-Light

1 - Lowell Tota-Light with umbrella and extra bulbs



Zoom H4N Pro with Dual Sennheiser Wireless Lav Mics

Zoom H4N Pro sound recorder, 2 Sennheiser wireless transmitters, 2 Sennheiser wireless receivers, 3 microphones.

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